We strive to make the ordering and delivery process as easy as possible for our customers. However, if you have any questions or additional problems, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Below we explain how your order is processed and delivered.

To place an order

HappyKatt's ordering process is as simple as possible. First, you must go to the product page and add the desired product to your cart. To do this, click on the "Add to Cart" button.

Here it is important that you check that you have chosen the right variants. If everything is OK, click the "Proceed to checkout" box. On the information page, you must enter correct address details. Check that all information is correct. When the information is correctly filled in, you can click the "Continue with delivery" button.

On the "Shipping" page, you have the option to double-check the address information you have entered. It also clarifies that each shipment is sent completely free of charge. As a token of our appreciation for our customers, we always cover shipping and handling costs. You can now proceed by clicking the "Proceed to payment" box.

In the payment options, you have the opportunity to choose between different payment methods. At HappyKatt.com, all payment options are SSL encrypted, which means that you can always count on a secure payment environment.

- Klarna (delayed payment) and immediate bank transfer.

- PayPal

Once you have selected the correct payment method, you must click on the "Finish Order" box, whereupon you will be redirected to the payment method you have selected. Follow the instructions on the corresponding page to complete your order. If you have any problems with your order, you can always contact us.

Shipping costs

We cover the shipping costs for each order. All our products are sent to your home 100% FREE OF CHARGE. There is also no minimum order quantity required.

Send your order

Have you found the perfect look or accessory on our website? Then of course you want to enjoy it as soon as possible ! Therefore, we ensure that your order is processed and shipped as soon as possible. We have a delivery time of 8 - 16 working days.

    If you have placed an order with us, you can easily see when your package will arrive. You will receive a personal tracking code via email that you can use to track your order via ParcelsApp.

    Delivery of your order

    Once your order has been delivered, you can enjoy your order! Of course, something can always go wrong. Do you want to exchange or return it? Go to this page.

    Defective product?

    It's a shame! Unfortunately, it may happen that your product is damaged during transport. In this case, we always provide a new package for free the first time and unfortunately cannot provide a refund. Does the defective item arrive a second time? Then we will refund the entire purchase price to you.

    The package has been lost?

    If a package is lost or cannot be delivered for logistical reasons, we will always send a new package.

    Import duties

    In some cases, customs will carry out an inspection of the package delivered to you. Unfortunately, this legislation has changed from 1 July 2021 and we have no control over it. It is possible that in some cases customs will charge a small amount of import duties. But don't worry. This will not be the case in 99% of cases. Should customs duties still be charged? Please contact us.

    Delivery when you are not at home or at the post office

    If a package is delivered to your door or left at a post office, HappyKatt is responsible for the cost of delivering the package. If the package is not received or not picked up by the post office, it is automatically returned to the supplier and we have the right to deduct 15 euros from the amount to be refunded to you. This also applies to packages for which several messages via e-mail/text message have been sent without any action being taken.


    For all other questions please contact us